Save The World Board Game

The Ecology Quiz Board Game. Answer stimulating questions correctly to win tokens. The first Player to collect a complete set is the winner.
Save The World Board Game provides informative answers that will fascinate all the family and increase everybody’s awareness of what’s needed to…. Save The World!



Ages 9+

2 – 6 Players

Crown & Andrews – 1989

Object of The Game

To collect 2 of each of all the tokens. The tokens represent – Forests, Oceans & Rivers, Atmosphere, Environment & People, Landscapes and Plants, Wildlife

How To Play

  1. Each Player selects a coloured pawn
  2. Each Player takes a turn at throwing the dice and the one with the highest number starts
  3. The first Player throws the dice and moves his/her pawn according to the number on the dice
  4. The Player to the left picks up the card corresponding to the square, i.e., a Forest card if the pawn has landed on the Forest square, and reads out the question.
  5. If the Player answers the question correctly he wins the appropriate token.
  6. The next Player throws and moves their pawn and answers the question according to the square landed on, etc.
  7. If the Player lands on the Chance square then they have to answer the Chance question.
  8. If the Player lands on the Choice square then they may choose on which category they answer the question.
  9. If the Player already holds two tokens in the same category then they may have another roll of the dice.
  10. For a short game each player collects just one each of the tokens.


  • Tokens for Forests, Rivers & Oceans, Atmosphere,Landscapes, Wildlife (12 each)
  • 1 Die
  • 6 Pawns
  • 56 Question Cards for Forest, Wildlife, Rivers & Oceans, Landscape, Atmosphere
  • 50 Chance Cards
  • Game Board
  • Rules

Save The World Board Game