Rummikub – 1964 Version



Ages 8+

2 – 4 Players



  • 104 Tiles numbered 1 to 13 in four colours (twice) – Black, Orange, Blue, Red
  • 2 Joker Tiles
  • 4 Racks
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

To be the first to place all tiles from the rack onto the table.


Place tiles face down in centre of table and mix well. Every player picks one tile. The player with the highest number begins.

Play proceeds clockwise. Return tiles to table and mix tiles again. Every player then takes 14 tiles and arranges them on his/her

rack into sets of “groups” or “runs”. The remaining tiles on the table are the pool.


A “group” is a set of either three or four tiles of the same number but in different colours.

For example –  black 7, red 7, blue 7, orange 7

A “run” is a set of three or more consecutive numbers which are all the same colour.

For example – blue 3, blue 4, blue 5, blue 6

Number 1 is always played as the lowest number and may not follow number 13

Playing the Game

Players must place sets valued at least 30 points (add up the set numbers) onto the table in the first move.

This move is called the “initial meld”. If unable to do an initial meld, or player chooses to delay an initial meld,

a tile must be taken from the pool and this concludes the player’s turn.

During the “initial meld”, sets on the table may not be manipulated or built upon with tiles from player’s rack.

Players have a time limit of one minute per turn. If by the end of one minute the player has failed to successfully

manipulate tiles on the table, all tiles must be returned to their original position, and three tiles must be taken from the pool

as a penalty. If there are leftover tiles (and players do not remember their original positions), they get randomly placed in the pool.