Monopoly The Wizard of Oz Board Game

Follow the yellow brick road, click your heels three times and return to the Land of Oz. Monopoly The Wizard of Oz board game is great fun for fans of the movie and monopoly players. With customised “The Wizard of Oz” money, title deed cards that feature your favourite “The Wizard of Oz” locations including Munchkinland, Home Sweet Home and The Wizard’s Hall. Includes six collectible pewter tokens – Dorothy & Toto, Ruby Slippers, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, Tornado and the loveable Scarecrow. A great board game to collect or enjoy.



Ages 8+

2 – 6 Players

USAopoly – 2008


  • Game Board
  • Title Deed Cards
  • Play Money
  • Bankers Tray
  • 16 Good Witch Cards
  • 16 Wicked Witch Cards
  • 32 Farmhouses
  • 12 Emerald City Palaces
  • Rules
  • 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens
  • 2 Dice

Monopoly The Wizard of Oz Board Game


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