G.I. Joe Board Game




Ages 6 to 10
2 – 4 Players
Milton Bradley – 1986
Fight off the Cobra soldiers and collect six Badges of Honour to win.

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  •  Instructions on base
  • Game Board
  • 1 Plastic Stand
  • 1 Die
  • 24 Badge of Honour Cards
  • GI Joe Playing Piece
  • 2 GI Joe Defense Cards2
  • 2 Cobra Attack Cards
  • 12 Energy Tokens

Object –  Outmaneuver the attacking Cobra soldiers and be first to collect 6 Badge of Honor tokens


Who goes first? Each player rolls the die. Highest roll goes first. Play continues to the left after each player’s turn.

  1. Roll the die.
  2. Move the G.I Joe playing piece clockwise along the game board, one space for each dot shown on the die.
  3. Follow the directions for the space where you end your move. You’ll either stop on a COBRA space, a COBRA FORCE space, or an ENERGY space.


On your turn, whenever G.I. Joe stops on a space labelled COBRA, you are attacked and “fired at” by a lone Cobra soldier. Rules for the lone Cobra attack are explained below.

  1. Check your energy supply. You must have at least one faceup Energy token in order to battle. If all of your Energy tokens have been turned facedown (as the result of lost battles), you can’t battle. Your turn is over, so don’t follow Rules 2-5 below. See ENERGY SPACES for Energy token rules.
  2. Choose any opponent to play the attacking Cobra. In a 2-Player game, your opponent always plays the Cobra attacker.
  3. Take both G.I Joe Defense cards rom the center of the gameboard, and secretly choose either the JUMP UP! Card or the HIT THE DIRT! Card. The Cobra player takes both Cobra Attack cards from the center of the gameboard, and secretly chooses either the SHOOT HIGH card, or the SHOOT LOW card. Both players place their chosen cards facedown in front of them.
  4. At the same time, both players flip their chosen cards faceup. Then look at the Cobra Attack Chart (next column) to see if G.I Joe was hit or missed by Cobra fire.
  5. Depending on whether G.I. Joe was hit or missed, follow the rules for Battle Results, directly below the Cobra Attack Chart. Then return the attack and defense cards to the centre of the gameboard. Your turn as the G.I. Joe player is now over.


  1. On your turn, when G.I. Joe stops on a space labelled COBRA FORCE, you are attacked and “fired at” by a whole Cobra Force! The opponent you choose represents the Cobra Force. There will be one, two or three separate rounds of fire and you may win as many as 3 Badges of Honour!
  2. For a COBRA FORCE attack, follow the rules above for lone Cobra attacks, and follow the Cobra Attack Chart and Battle Results rules after each round of fire.
  3. Rounds of Fire. If your opponent misses you during the first round of fire, both of you choose cards again and play another whole round. In a COBRA FORCE attack, try to outguess your opponent before each round of fire: will he play the same card twice or will he alternate?


                                        COBRA ATTACK CHART
Shoot High Hit The Dirt! A Miss !
Shoot Low Jump Up! A Miss!
Shoot High Jump Up! A Hit!
Shoot Low Hit The Dirt! A Hit!
                                      BATTLE RESULTS

*If G.I.Joe is missed, you (as the G.I. Joe Player) win a Badge of Honour token! Place one of your tokens faceup on one of your starred rectangles. OPTION – Instead of taking a Badge of Honour for yourself, you may remove one from any opponent’s rectangle. He must keep it off the gameboard until he wins another battle as the G.I. Player.

  1. Keep playing rounds until one of the following happens
  • You win 3 Badges of Honour, in this case your turn ends
  • You are hit by Cobra fire, if you are hit before you’ve won 3 Badges of Honour, turn one of your Energy tokens facedown. Your turn now ends.
  1. When your turn ends, return the attack and defense cards to the center of the gameboard.


  1. On your turn, whenever G.I.Joe stops on a space labelled ENERGY check your energy supply. If any of your Energy tokens are facedown, you may turn them all faceup again.
  2. Running Out of Energy – If all of your Energy tokens are facedown, you can’t be attacked. This may sound like an advantage, but if you’re not attacked, you can’t win a Badge of Honour!
  3. While you’re out of energy, you can still move G.I. Joe on your turn, hoping to stop on an ENERGY space, but if you stop on a COBRA space or a COBRA FORCE space instead, there can be no attack.
  4. If, after you’ve taken two turns without energy, G.I. Joe hasn‘t stopped on an ENERGY space, you can turn all of your Energy tokens faceup again!
  5. On your next turn, you can be attacked if G.I. Joe stops on a COBRA space or a COBRA Force space.

Winning – The first player to place all 6 of his Badges of Honor on the game board wins.