Airline Board Game

” Exciting, action-packed game where each player pilots his plane load of passengers around the world – a world of fun and danger! ”
The new, exciting and adventurous flying game that’s taking the nation by storm! Players from 10 to adult become the pilots of their own aeroplane and fly the world’s air routes, charged with the responsibility of bringing their passengers safely home. Complying with the air traffic control instructions and their passengers’ various travel arrangements, the pilots must negotiate the elements of the weather, and the unexpected! Action packed and full of fun, with real life-like flying conditions – and drama!


Ages 10+

1 to 6 Players

Mulgara – 1985


  • Game Board
  • 6 Player Aeroplane Tokens
  • 24 Passengers
  • 1 Die
  • 40 Air Traffic Control Directive Cards
  • 40 Airline Company Message Cards
  • 6 Passenger ManifestCards
  • 10 Flight Plan Cards
  • Instructions

Airline Board Game


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