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Object:  Match products with their familiar advertising slogans, headlines and jingles.

How to Play:

Remove a card from the tray.  Each card has two sides, the slogan side and the multiple choice answer side.  Correct answers have a star next to them.  Readers should not let the other players see the cards.

Each player or team selects a coloured peg and places it in a hold on the gameboard section titled Start.  Each hole or spot on the gameboard represents one point.

First player chooses a card and reads a slogan to the player or team on his or her left.  Players should determine at the start of the game whether to read question No 1, 2, or 3 on each card.  The reader starts the timer.  The guesser has 15 seconds to name the product identified by the slogan from memory.  If correct, that player or team gets two points and moves two spaces on the board.

If no one answers correctly, you move to multiple choice.  The reader turns over the  card and reads 4 choices to the original play or team.  The guesser can only choose one answer.  If correct, the player or team is awarded 1 point and advances 1 space on the board.  No points are given for incorrect answers.

The turn is then over and play goes to the other team or player.

Winner of the game is the first to reach President by scoring 25 points.