Ultimate Outburst Board Game

What puts the “Ultimate” in Ultimate Outburst? Its the triple gameplay, for triple the fun. Play classic two team Outburst plus backwards “Reverseburst”, plus bidding “Challenge Burst”. Your team hears a topic like “basic ice cream flavors”. Now yell out every name you can think of. You only get credit for the names that are on the Topic card. In “Reverseburst” you’re given the answers now guess the topic. In “Challenge Burst”, both teams bet how many correct answers they can come up with.



2 or more Players/Teams

Parker Brothers/Hasbro – 1999


  • Ultimate Outburst Game Board
  • Cards with 600 Topics
  • Envelope
  • Decoder
  • Pawns (Red, Blue)
  • Sand Timer
  • 2 Dice (green, numbered)

Ultimate Outburst Board Game