How to Host a Murder – Archaeologically Speaking

Blackmail, Sex, Larceny, Deceit and Murder. You and your dinner party guests are all suspects. Lady Mellissa N. Lynke the heiress, Terra Sunder the beautiful, enthusiastic daughter, Ashley R. Sonnyste a charming and vivacious young English countrywoman, Hamilton MacTorr the orphan, Anne T. Ickwitee the unconventional young lady, Conrad Iver the intellectual, Major General E.B. Sawtedd the veteran soldier and Lester A. Fayre the railroad tycoon. Enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue.




Ventura Games/Decipher Inc – 1986


  •  Cassette
  • Diagram of Fort Ap Aachih with topographic rendering of Rock of Vages and vicinity
  • Host’s Guide and Instructions
  • 8 Guest Invitations & Envelopes
  • 8 Top Secret Clue Manuals
  • 7 Clue Packets
  • Arrival Data Sheet
  • Name Tags
  • Optional Dinner and Costume suggestions for the truly adventurous

How to Host a Murder – Archaeologically Speaking




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