Host Your Own Indian Evening Dinner Party Game

At your next party recreate the magic of India with “Host Your Own Indian Evening”. Included is an audio CD with original music tracks (12 tone ragas with the beat of tabla drums and sitar to create the atmosphere, CD Quiz games including a quiz challenge, guessing games, memory test, activity games, host’s guide introducing the history and culture of india and helpful tips to turn your room into part of the Taj, regional recipes with authentic cuisine laced with garlic, hot chillies and exotic spices, invitations and name tags and a “pin the Jewel in the Crown” competition.


Ages 14+

4 or more Players/Teams



  • Audio CD with classic Indian musical tracks and CD Trivia Quiz
  • Guessing & Word Games
  • Postcard Invitations
  • Poster & Lapel Badges
  • Guide Booklets with Recipes, Tips and Information

Host Your Own Indian Evening Dinner Party Game




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