Evil Jester Costume – Childrens


(Psychotic laughs) hehe …. heeeee.. I’ve got a funny joke to tell yeeeee….. What’s black and white and always pesters..? It’s me of course your crazy evil jester! If you’re child is looking for a silly and fun new costume.. this wicked Evil Jester Costume may do just the trick. Whether it’s for a halloween round or your next costume party, this jester costume is going to be a hit.
The Evil Jester Costume includes

  • Shirt with Skulls
  • Pants
  • Waist Sash
  • Head Piece
  • Mask


  Chest Waist Hips Height Weight
XS – (4-6) 64cm  61cm 66cm 117cm 25kg
S (6-8) 69cm  61cm 71cm 135cm 32kg
M (8-10) 74cm 64cm 76cm 140cm 36kg
L (10-12) 76cm 66cm 81cm 147cm 41kg
LP (10-12) 84cm 74cm 89cm 147cm 45kg
XL (12-14) 81cm 69cm 86cm 155cm 45kg

Additional information

Weight 1 kg