Dragonology Board Game

First, Dr Ernest Drake’s “Dragonology” was discovered and published to great acclaim. Now you have the chance to act as Dr Ernest Drake or one of his distinguished colleagues to see once and for all who is the Master Dragonologist. Travel the world by air, land and sea gathering knowledge of nine different species of dragons. Ancient spells and dragon charms will help in your pursuit. Be the first dragonologist to master three dragons and advance to the Dragon’s Eye!


Ages 8+

2 – 6 Players

The Templar Company – 2003


  • Game Board
  • 6 Dragonologist Playing Pieces (Dr Ernest Drake, Dragon Man Dan, Miss Ta, Emery, Phineas Feek, Beatrice Cook)
  • 9 Dragons (European Dragon, Amphithere, Cockatrice, Frost Dragon, Gargouille, Asian Lung, Knucker, Wyvern, Marsupial Dragon)
  • 30 Transportation Tickets (1 Elephant Ticket, 3 Locomotive Tickets, 3 Stagecoach Tickets, 3 Camel Tickets, 5 Airplane Tickets, 5 Hot Air Balloon Tickets, 10 Steamboat Tickets)
  • Record Sheets
  • 81 Bit of Knowledge Cards (2 Master Claw Cards, 6 Wild Cards, 8 Deja Vu Cards, 4 Snatch Cards, 8 Shield Cards, 4 Hypnotize Cards, 2 Swoop Cards, 2 Confusion Cards, 5 Frost Cards, 5 Marsupial Cards, 5 Gargouille Cards, 5 European Dragon Cards, 5 Knucker Cards, 5 Amphithere Cards, 5 Asian Lung Cards, 5 Cockatrice Cards, 5 Wyvern Cards)
  • Twelve sided Die
  • Secret Envelope
  • Instructions

Dragonology Board Game