The Settlers Of Catan 4th Edition Board Game – New


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New – Ages 10+

3 to 4 Players

Catan GmbH – 2007

Voted Game of The Year in Germany, The United States and other countries. Learn to play in 15 minutes. You control a group of settlers trying to tame the Isle of Catan. Guide your settlers to victory through clever trading, managing your resources and cunnning development.

Contents – 19 Unique Hexagonal Region Tiles, 6 Sea Frame Pieces, 9 Extra Harbor Pieces, 20 Wooden Settlement Pieces, 16 Wooden City Pieces, 60 Wooden Road Pieces, 95 Resource Cards, 25 Development Cards, 4 Building Cost Cards, 2 Special Bonus Cards, 18 Die-Cut Number Tokens, 2 Six-Sided Dice, 1 Wooden Robber Pawn, Full Colour Rules & Almanac

! Small Parts – not suitable for children under age 3

The Settlers Of Catan 4th Edition Board Game




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