Monopoly Ultimate James Bond Board Game

In 3 easy steps you can own the most exotic locations from the world of James Bond. Choose locations frm all 22 Bond Films. Complete with six collectible pewter tokens including Zorin’s Airship, Q-Boat, Casino Royale Poker chip, Octopus, Moon Buggy and Moonraker Shuttle.



Ages 8+

2 to 6 Players

USAopoly – 2008


  • Customizable Game Board
  • 51 Bond Location Labels
  • 22 Title Deed Cards
  • Play Money
  • Bankers Tray
  • 16 Bond Allies Cards
  • 16 Bond Enemy Cards
  • 32 Houses renamed Guards
  • 32 Houses renamed Security Systems
  • Rules
  • 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens
  • 2 Dice

Monopoly Ultimate James Bond Board Game


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