How to Host a Mystery Star Trek – Used


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Used – Teen to Adult

Ventura Games -1992

Whether you are a dedicated Trekkie or looking for a fun night with your friends try this mystery dinner party game with authentic interactive cassette. Your guests can be Commander Will Riker, Lieutenant Worf, Dr Beverly Crusher, Ensign Ro Laren, Lieutenant Commander Data, Lt Commander Geordi La Forge, Counselor Deanna Troi or Guinan.

Contents – Cassette Tape, USS Enterprise Diagram, Host Guide & Instructions, 8 Guest Invitations & Envelopes, 8 Player Clue Manuals, Investigation Report, 9 Secret Clues, Name Tags, Optional Dinner & Costume suggestions

Box – Good

Contents – Excellent

! Small Parts – not suitable for children under age 3

How to Host a Mystery Star Trek


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