How to Host a Murder “The Chicago Caper”

You have received an invitation to S. P. Keasy’s Place, a private club near the headquarters of notorious gangster “Hal” Coppone. Assume the role of one of these 8 worldly characters. Imagine your home a 1920’s speakeasy in old Chicago, as you and your dinner guests enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue. All you need is a sense of humor and willingness to take a lighthearted attitude toward blackmail, sex, larceny, deceit and murder. The game is designed for 8 adult players. Solve the mystery – discover the murderer-prove yourself innocent of the crime.



Up to 8 Guests/Players

Ventura Games – 1986


  • Cassette Tape
  • Diagram of Luxington Hotel & Vicinity with interior view of Everlay Club & Luxington Gardens Apartments
  • Host’s guide & Instructions
  • 8 Guest Invitations & 8 Envelopes
  • 8 Top Secret Clue Manuals
  • 1 Secret Clues Book containing 6 Secret Clues & 8 Name Tags
  • Optional Dinner and Costume Suggestions

How To Host A Murder – “The Chicago Caper”



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