PARTS ONLY -Cluedo (or Mystery At Tudor Close) Board Game 1965 Version – Murder Cards Envelope (Black)


“Cluedo” is Waddington’s board game or crime fans and would be Detectives. It starts with the crime, and works up to a climax. You’ve got to find out who dunnit; where it was done; where it was done; how it was done. Who murdered Dr Black? Your sleuthing is carried out in true detective style – eliminate suspects and pin point the weapon. And, like real lie, it takes both luck and skill to find out what really happened.

Murder Cards Envelope Only (Black) – VGC

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2 – 6 Players

John Waddington/Murfett Pty Ltd – 1965

Patent # 586917


  • Game Board
  • 6 Playing Pieces
    • Colonel Mustard – Yellow
    • Prof. Plum – Purple
    • The Rev. Green – Green
    • Mrs Peacock – Blue
    • Miss Scarlett – Red
    • Mrs White – White
  • 6 Weapons
    • Dagger
    • Candlestick
    • Revolver
    • Rope
    • Lead Piping
    • Spanner
  • 6 Cards representing the persons in the house
  • 6 Cards representing the weapons
  • 9 Cards representing the rooms indicated on the playing board
  • Detective Notes Cards to enable players to record their investigations
  • Murder Cards Envelope
  • Instructions
  • Dice

Cluedo (or Mystery At Tudor Close) Board Game 1965 Version