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Used – Ages 12 to Adult

2 to 4 Players

Avalon Hill – 1976

Highly sought after Avalon Hill Vintage Board Game. In 51 B.C. Vercingetorix led 80,000 starving Gauls from the besieged city of Alesia and threw them against the surrounding Roman fortifications in concert with attacks from without by a relieving force a quarter of a million strong. What followed sealed the fate of Gaul. Can you succeed where he failed? As Caesar you will defend a system of ramparts, forts and awesome fortifications with 152 units representing legion cohorts, leaders, archers, Balearic slingers, Germanic cavalry, Numidian Lt. Infantry, and missile engines. As Vercingetorix you will assault the Roman besiegers with 210 infantry and cavalry units from 46 Gallic tribes.

Contents – 28″ x 33″ Mapboard (3 sections), Book of instructions including optional rules, Gallic Off-Board Presence Indicator Sheet, Off-Board Movement Chart, 1 Set Gallic Unpunched Counters, 1 Set Roman Unpunched Counters, 1 Die

Caesar The Epic Battle of Alesia Board Game


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