Atmosfear Khufu The Mummy Board Game


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Ages 12 +

3 to 6 Players

A Couple A Cowboys – 2005

Fun, Interactive DVD board game of skill and chance. Every time you play is a new game. Starring Khufu, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Anne de Chantraine, Baron Samedi, Gevaudan, Helin and Medusa.

Contents – DVD, Game Board, 6 Coloured Playing Pieces, 6 Sets of 4 Scarabs, Khufu’s Sarcophagus, 4 Chamber Bases, 66 Treasure Cards, 54 Curse Cards, 6 Symbol Cards, 6 Reference Cards, 6 Character Cards, 2 Symbol Dice, 2 Spot Dice, 1 Coin, Instructions

Atmosfear Khufu The Mummy Board Game


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