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New – Ages 12+

3 to 6 Players

A Couple A Cowboys – 2003

Fun, interactive board game of strategy, skill and suspense. Plays differently every game. With only 49 minutes on the clock in a race against time you have to collect six different keys and make your way to the centre of the board where you face your biggest fear. Starring – the Gatekeeper, Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Anne De Chantraine, Baron Samedi, Gevaudan, Helin and Khufu.

Contents – 1 DVD (with 5.1 surround sound track, plus rules presentation and extra features), Playing Board, 110 Cards (FATE and TIME), 6 Colour Playing Pieces, 37 Keys, 6 Key Racks, Stickers Numbered 1-6, Well Of Fears, Pencil & Paper, 2 Dice, Rules

*requires DVD Player and TV to play

! Small Parts – not suitable for children under age 3

Atmosfear The Gatekeeper 20th Anniversary Board Game


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