An Evening With Dracula Board Game

Stranded in a house as a result of a storm and Dracula is one of the people present. The object of this interesting role playing board game is to discover the identity of Dracula. Move around the darkened house and meet Dracula or one of his vampires. The mood is set by the cassette tape with eerie music, doors slamming, wind howling, thunder crashing, the toll of bells and the voice of doom. Ideal Party or After Dinner Game.



Ages 16+

6 or More Players

Crown & Andrews – 1992


  • Audio Cassette
  • Instructions for Host
  • Guest Instruction Card
  • Invitations
  • Board & Spinner
  • Doom Cards
  • Beware Cards
  • Cross Cards
  • Garlic Cards
  • Vampire Cards
  • Stake Card
  • 12 Guest Boxes
  • 12 Vampire Fangs
  • Rules

An Evening With Dracula Board Game


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