After Dinner Games

Four Games – Mad Meanings, Remember Remember, Amateur Dramatics, That was the Year that was.
Mad Meanings – will require a timer, each player choses their first word then writes down three definitions one which is correct and the other two fabrications.
Remember Remember – Memorise as many items as you can within a 60 second time limit
Amateur Dramatics – play in teams where you must perform a mime
That was the Year that was – six questions all relating to the same year are read aloud, can your team guess the year?



Marks & Spencer


  • 50 Mad Meanings Cards
  • 50 Remember Remember Cards
  • 50 Amateur Dramatics Cards
  • 50 That was the Year that Was Cards
  • 4 Pencils
  • 1 Scorepad

! Small Parts – Not suitable for children underĀ age 3

After Dinner Games


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